How to Target Clients as an Event Planner

As an event planner, it is important to be aware of strategic means to targeting your clients and building a vast clientele base. Event planning could be hectic, but then, it is a business which exposes you to different people from all walks of life.

The main aim of this article is to give you as an event planner certain ideas and tips to have in mind when running an event planning venture. It is important you take out time to understand these tips and work out a way to impact them. Here are ideas and possible tips below that would help;


You should have in mind firsthand what kind of client you would want to work with. It could be you are the kind of event planner who only does a great job when being pushed and so you want to sort out every lousy client with all possible means. It could be you are the boss lady kind of event planner who does not enjoy being pushed around or would not be able to accommodate nagging clients, so you sort out the calm ones. It is all up to you identifying a clientele that works best with your personality.


Getting to attend functions get you a first class ticket to target clients. Stay in style and be as simple but flashy as possible to get noticed by the other women. Discussions could be raised, and this would be your chance to tell them what you do for a living as an event planner that you are, how good you are at your job and how not so expensive you charge. You may even use the decorations at the function to compare with what you can do and boast about doing something even better. Usually, you should have a card handy just in case you are being asked for your card for future contacts. If you did not attend the function, you just may never have met such class of ladies who could be prospective clients or help with referrals.


As an event planner, you just may get tired out by clients who price you cheap for your services. This is not something you should let bother you. Always let these clients know that you are the one in charge. Trust me when I tell you no one wants to work with an event planner who does not know what she is doing but rather taking every decision made by the client. Always be outspoken to your clients, and if they request of you a service you think would sell you short, then it is in your power to refuse such job. Most people who hire the services of an event planner love to work with an event planner with class and are willing to pay a fortune to get the work done. Sort out such clients, and this can be done by never selling short your values.

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